Vandlion V97 Smallest Mini USB Flash Disk Drive Pen Digital Voice Recorder 8GB 16GB MP3 Player Audio Recording Black


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Product Features:

1. Shell made from zinc alloy material, anti-fall strongly
2. Professional recording pen chip of ATJ2127,HD recording
3. Timestamp,Name the recording files by date automatically
4. Timer Recording and turn on automatically at your set time
5. AGC function, adjusts the noise source automatically
6. Voice Recorder,MP3 player,and USB flash drive
7. Playback function: Support loop recording, A-B repeat
8. Starting up with password to protect the files
9. Support checking the remaining recording time
10. MIC recording. Save the current recording files automatically by segment while calling.
11. Eye free, LED backlight
12. Support voice activated recording
13. Detect low battery and save the recording files automatically
14. Support monitoring recording
15. Built in rechargeable 150mAh lithium battery
16. USB 2.0 connector , easy to upload and download files
17. Color: Black


1. Recording Format: WAV/MP3
2. Music Playback Format: WMA/WAV/MP3/OGG etc. audio format
3. Battery Recording Time: About 14 hours
4. Battery Playing Time: About 7 hours
5. Battery: 150mAh lithium battery Battery charging time: About 2 hours
6. LCD Resolution: Dot Screen 80*160
7. USB Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
8. Built-in Speaker: 18MM*26MM 8 Omega/1W
9. Working Temperature: 0 to 40 degree
10. Recording Sample Rate: 48KHZ
11. Headphone Jack: 3.5mm, dual track
12. Noise-signal ratio: 80db
13. Size(mm): 66*25*7 (L*W*T)
14. Net Weight: 18g
15. Compatible System: Windows 2000&above

Package Included:

1*voice recorder

1*English user manual

1*USB data cable


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